Friday, December 12, 2008

Fliegende Bücher - Flying Books: Noch mehr Making-of Bilder

I already announced that I am working on a project I have called 'Flying Books'. I am far from being ready, but it developed far enough so that I want to show you some making of pictures. Yesterday, on Thursday I presented a first batch. I won't say much more. I hope to rise your curiosity on what my plan for the finished object is. Just so much: It will be only one object once it is finished. And now enjoy!

Ich habe ja schon erzählt, dass ich gerade an einem längeren Projekt arbeite. Ich bin zwar noch nicht fertig, aber weit genug um schon making-of Bilder zu zeigen. Eine erste Reihe habe ich gestern schon gezeigt, nun geht es weiter. Viel Spaß damit:

Die Deckel trocknen:
Above: The covers are drying.
Below: sanding

Oben: Schmirgeln
Unten: Noch nackt (ohne Federn)
Above: Still naked (without feathers)
Below: 4th book object part is ready
Und das hier oben ist der vierte Teil des Ganzen.

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Anonymous said...

Looks interesting. Are the straps made of elastic? If so I have an idea where this might be going and can't wait to see the result.

I think it will need a video post if this book IS going where I think it is ;)