Friday, May 8, 2009

Still only experiments

Finally I am back in my studio. As I said before, I feel a bit threatened by the craft fair I'm going to do in August. So I turned to the more crafty and less artistic side of things. Today I shopped for more cloth and will start to make some photo albums in near future.
But mainly I have had too much paper work to do - forms to fill out, contracts to terminate and to conclude... And the bad thing was that, as an answer to a growing pressure with deadlines for boring stuff, I canceled my free studio time. Which made me feel bad and perform even worse. But today I granted myself about an hour free time and I can feel the wheel turning again. Sure I will soon be on top of things again. Don't know whether this will end up as a project. At the moment I think it will. But I don't want to press it yet. It's important for me to stay patient with myself and continue the work with as few pressure as I can muster.

This little book object is about 3 cm high, 2cm wide. The pages cannot be moved at all. It is fixed like you see it. Neither can the pages be turned, nor could you change the angle at the spine. Also the one page that seems to be loose on the top picture is absolutely firm. You can't turn it without breaking it. The photo below shows the picture that I cut to pieces and made into the booklet:

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