Saturday, May 23, 2009


I mentioned already that I am occupied with webdesign at the moment. I am renting my own domain and will set up a homepage and also my blog there in near future. Of course I'll give you all the links in great detail once everything is set up. At the moment all this is still one big construction site. Alone yesterday I created more than 30 images like the one above and below. They are meant to serve as background for web pages, I designed banners and background for navigation panels and what not. Until now I have not come up with something I am truly satisfied with. Either I find them too boring, or I think the background attracts to much attention, or reading the text on the background is to hard, ...

I just posted this to give you a sign of life - I am not gone and will be back soon!

In the short times while my computer is loading or calculating stuff I managed to finish some more Mini Ritter Sport booklets. Furthermore I finished some more fancy books one of which will be entered in the book swap at the book arts forum. Once I have decided which one of them I'll give away I will show you pictures of those that will remain with me. And once this is all done, and I cleaned out and put up my new book press, I should have new books and methods and tutorials to present to you.

Thanks for reading, have a nice weekend!


Spotted Sparrow said...

Can't wait to see the new website! Isn't it fun to make them?

Büchertiger said...

It's fun for every now and then and rather frustrating in between :-)

Again and again I realize that web design is just not my pair of shoes. I want my page to be artsy and hip on the one hand side, and therefore I want it to contain much of my own (art-) work. This is one of the reasons that I am making everything on my own from the scratch.
But I want it to look like a serious artist webpage, too. And again and again I produce layouts and designs that either fit the one or the other criteria. The frustrating part is, that I often look at what I made and I immediatly get that it is not good - but I don't know which part of it should be kept or redone. I often don't know what to do better.

And if I know what I want and how I want it, I usually lack the programming knowledge to carry it out.

But I don't want to complain too much. I hope you'll like it in the end! And I know now that then, in retro-perspective, it will have been fun :-)

Spotted Sparrow said...

If you're making an entire site, you might want to look at Joomla ( It sets everything up for you and you can download design templates. I'm sure you could customize the templates to make them look the way you want.

Büchertiger said...

Thanks a lot for the link! I didn't know joomla and it looks like it could be the thing for me. I'll definitely have a closer look and try to use it if this is possible on my server.

Thanks a lot again :-)

(unfortunately the icon always looks the same; please imagine the relief visible between the colon and the dash)