Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tagged: 7 Favorites

That's my lunch today: Strawberries with buttermilk. - I don't have new bookish pictures to share today.The past few days I was all occupied with other stuff (mainly web-designing, but that's a different story and will be told another time). A good opportunity to pick up the tag that I received last week from The Spotted Sparrow - thanks for thinking of me!
So apparently now I have to name seven of my favorite things and seven of my favorite blogs. Mhm, let me think... I'll change that into my favorite things to do at the moment:
  • making, reading, buying, and looking at books
  • sitting in the sun with an ice-coffee in my hands (cold coffee with vanilla ice cream inside and wipped cream on top)
  • meeting with friends for a beer at nights, or in the afternoon for a nice tea and cake, or just like that without eating or drinking
  • eating (all kinds of good stuff , especially baklava, dim sum and sushi)
  • playing blob on the wii
  • playing other board or computer games
  • sketching
Now the blogs: Well, I have at the moment 51 subscriptions in my reader (yes, well, I read to much, really...) that makes it hard to choose. I decided to name 7 on which I don't necessarily pass on the tag (some are too big to react on a tag from me, I think) and restricted myself to those that I have never linked to before:
  • About the Binding - A blog dedicated to fine bindings. The author gives us an unusually deep insight into her way of working.
  • Studio 5 Book Arts - Also a book binder interested in fine bindings, less traditional than the first and more into arts
  • Shakled in Bookspace - (Maybe I have linked to this blog before - I can't remember clearly.) I was first drawn to the blog by its fabulous title. The writer is a book binder, sometimes he'll show pictures of his own work, but this is not the primary focus of this blog. Most of the time you can read his thoughts that are work related - and I like his sparce and dry comments.
  • With Green Chair Press we slowly turn from book binders to print makers - probably you all know this blog and I don't have to say much about it. The author sometimes presents her work on this blog, some of which are actually books, but she also comments on recent developments in the world of print and books, webfinds, and the like.
  • Minus Five - Best go and have a look yourself. I don't know how to describe this New York based designer in just a few words
  • Amanda Watson-Will - an artist and crafter. At the moment occupied with printing. I like that she's sharing her experiments and unusual approaches.
  • And at last something that as rather few connection to books: Indexed - a fun blog with comments on life and society in the form of graphs.
I hope you enjoyed my little compilation. - Thanks for reading!


Monica Holtsclaw said...

I'm so happy you were tagged! I've loved reading your blog, and am excited about the blogs you've introduced us to! Thanks :)

Büchertiger said...

Thanks Monica for your comment and for stopping by!
I am always happy to welcome new readers :-)
I hope I'll keep you entertained here, and hope I will hear from you again!

Don Rash said...

Thanks for tagging me, even though I don't have time to pass it on. I'm glad that you think the blog is worth linking to. I can't actually take credit for the title, though; I snitched it from a lecture description...
Keep up your good work in both your books and your blog.