Sunday, September 14, 2008

Das habt ihr bestimmt kommen sehen

In diesem Bild seht ihr den Lederband von letzter Woche, mein erster Versuch mit Leder und mein 3. Versuch mit der Langstich-Technik (ich hoffe, sie heißt so auf deutsch). Im Vordergrund liegt eine Streichholzschachtel...

Probably you saw this coming: In the picture above you see the book from last week and in the front a matchbox...
Das war jetzt übrigens erstmal die letzte Streichholzschachtel. Bis die nächste leer ist, wird wohl einige Zeit ins Land gehen.


Anonymous said...

Wow this book is amazing, I tried small A6 book with chain stitch and longstitch and couldn't do them together. Well done.

How does the closure work.

Very neat work and professional finish.

Billie :)

Büchertiger said...

The first, big book is about A7 sized. For this matchbox the spine is 2,9cm high and 1 cm wide. The pages are even smaller. That made it hard to get all the stitches and holes in place without tearing the material.
I am surprised that you had difficulties with smaller formats: Your small pamphlets look so neatly and well done it shouldn't be so much harder to add a few more signatures.

@the closure: I punched a hole in the wrap-around back cover and attached a bead to the front cover that is slightly bigger so that it can be squeezed through the hole but doesn't slip back though.
The bead sits on a piece of thread that pierces the leather at two points and is knotted on the inside. - Very simple but I think it only works for such small dimensions: There isn't much tension on the closure with so little material to hold inside the book.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea for the closure, I must have a try with this.

I have no problems with longstitch books of any size, it is the addition of the chain stitches that I have trouble with. I understand the idea, I just don't have space to do the chains. Maybe my spines are too narrow.

Well done on yours though

Billie :)