Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ein neues Projekt...

Meine Fixierung auf Lebensmittel, insbesondere Süßigkeiten ist mal wieder überdeutlich ;-) Demnächst mehr.

I am obviously obsessed with food ;-) I'll talk more about this newest project when I am finished with printing the content of these books to be.


Spotted Sparrow said...


nom nom nom

Billie said...

What are they made of?


Büchertiger said...

That white stuff from which I cut the 'chocolates' is glued layers of some sort of board containing wood (Finnpappe in German).

Probably now I am going to make just another batch of Mini-Ritter-Sport booklets.(

Initially I wanted to fill them with self-found recipes for chocolates that I found and made in my previous life (before turning to bookbinding I was making chocolate pralines in my free time). - But the finished book looked just not to my satisfaction.